Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (2024)

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Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (1)

The best bridal boutiques

The best boutiques and tailoring services in Milan for your special day

by Flavia Arditi

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (2)
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Milan never disappoints. The world’s capital of fashion and a powerhouse for the ‘Made in Italy’ brand, Milan is home to some of the best bridal boutiques in Italy (and indeed the world), creating some of the country’s best Wedding Dresses.

Home to some of the world’s most refined sartorial institutions, the Lombard capital offers endless possibilities that meet the most varied tastes and requirements. Known for their exceptional quality, great attention to detail, and impeccable customer care, these boutiques will make you feel like a real princess.

Whether you like mermaid wedding dresses, princess wedding dresses, wedding gowns, short dresses, asymmetrical dresses or imperial gowns, we know that you will be able to find your dream wedding dress for your big day at one of the city’s many bridal boutiques.

All that’s left for you to do is book an appointment and create a look that follows your own sense of style. For truly stunning results, make sure you choose a dress that keeps with the overall style of your wedding.

Antonio RivaCorso Venezia, 44

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (3)

Classic and sophisticated, poised between tradition and modernity, Antonio Riva is perfect for romantic brides seeking elegance. Spread out over two floors, this exclusive bridal boutique in Corso Venezia offers an exceptionally warm welcome, allowing you to relax and make the most of your appointment. Dresses burst with personality, and are characterized by simple clean lines and strong proportional balance, making them ideal for religious ceremonies and very formal occasions.

Luisa BeccariaVia Marco Formentini, 1

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (4)

Luisa Beccaria creates bridalwear for romantics, dreamers, and determined women who seek to surprise and amaze, especially at the altar. No matter what you have in mind, whether a countryside or fairytale wedding, dresses by Luisa Beccaria are sure to impress and make a statement on your big day. Make an appointment and be pampered – the gorgeous boutique in the heart of Brera displays collectible, tailor-made, and haute couture dresses, designed especially for you with the help of stylists Luisa or Lucilla.

Scenari SposaVia Montebello, 14

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (5)

Tucked away in a pretty little courtyard, this intimate and exclusive concept store is a magical place founded by Francesca Campa, who helps brides find the perfect dress to reflect their personal style. At Scenari Sposa, pieces reflect brides’ personalities, making it particularly easy to find a dress here. The boutique displays a range of unique, carefully selected brands that reflect the latest fashion trends and showcase the work of new stylists.

Antonella Del BruscoVia Francesco Guicciardini, 4

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (6)

Inaugurated in 2000, this showroom seeks to showcase the best in Italian and international bridalwear, making it a popular choice for glamorous, demanding brides who are looking for sophisticated collections. The boutique showcases an ample selection of contemporary brands – Vera Wang, Jenny Packham, Flora e Annagemma Milano – carefully chosen by Antonella Del Brusco. Thanks to her extensive experience working alongside some of the world’s best fashion designers, Antonella is highly skilled at interpreting the dreams and visions of modern brides, with new, original, and innovative solutions.

Peter LangnerVia Bigli, 19

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (7)

Located in Milan’s famous Fashion District, the Peter Langner showroom welcomes brides-to-be with collections of wedding dresses featuring a variety of silhouettes, fabrics and embroidery. Renowned for its elegance, quality, and exceptional tailoring, the brand’s contemporary, timeless collections combine sumptuous materials and fluid lines to create dresses to remember. Its extensive Veil Collection features a range of unique handmade designs, decorated with lace, crystals and sequins.

Francesca PicciniVia Durini, 5

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (8)

Stylist Francesca Piccini gives life to unforgettable handmade creations combining wonderful Italian silks and French lace with incredible savoir faire. Created with the smallest details in mind, the dresses are designed for sophisticated women with personality and taste, who wish to be seductive yet elegant on their special day. Book an appointment and you’ll be welcomed in Via Durini by Francesca herself, who will guide you each step of the away to create your dream dress.

Elisabetta DeloguVia G. Compagnoni, 8

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (9)

Sardinian stylist Elisabetta Delogu seeks to enhance the natural beauty of every woman, caring for each and every dress as if it were a work of art. At this elegant boutique that oozes discreet charm, you’ll be able to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Offering exceptional bridal tailoring and fine fabrics, Elisabetta Delogu creates dresses for romantic, ethereal brides that flatter from head to toe. Organza, lace and tulle made with bourette silk and hand-embroidered shantung strike a sophisticated balance between tradition and modernity.

Melania FumikoVia Chiossetto, 10

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (10)

Combining innovation, experimentation, and Italian sartorial traditions, the Melania Fumiko brand by the eponymous young stylist creates pieces with a clean and fresh pared-back look. With stylistic influences from the world over, Melania’s creations reflect her travels and experiences, with handmade Made in Italy items featuring fabrics from far and wide, including Thailand, Ecuador, Turkey, and Melania’s beloved Japan. Timeless and feminine, these sophisticated, elegant dresses are designed for women who want to feel good about themselves and enhance their natural beauty.

Atelier EméVia Alessandro Manzoni, 17

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (11)

Exclusively handmade and made to measure, Atelier Emé is a leading brand for Made in Italy wedding dresses that celebrates the present-day bride while retaining a distinctive traditional touch. If you’re not sure what type of wedding dress you’re after, this is the place for you. Spread out over two floors, this exclusive boutique showcases an extensive selection of wedding dresses divided into sections that reflect different styles and personalities. Whether you’re after a romantic gown, a babydoll dress or a cheeky little number, you’ll be able to make your dreams come through once you cross the threshold of this boutique. With a private consultation in the bridal suite, even the most demanding of brides will be able to find a truly unique dress.

Nicole SposeViale Beatrice D’Este, 7

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (12)

Created in Piedmont in 1996 by designer Alessandra Rinaudo and her husband Carlo Cavallo, Italian brand Nicole Spose aims to make every bride a truly special bride. Renowned the world over, Nicole Fashion Group reflects Italian style and elegance, with fresh, contemporary collections featuring high-quality, beautifully tailored pieces that set trends.

Rebecca la SposaLargo Augusto, 3

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (13)

Since 1991, Franca Guglieri and her professional team have offered brides-to-be impeccable service in their boutique housed in a historic palazzo in Piacenza’s Piazza del Borgo. The brand’s elegant, recently opened Milan showroom displays pieces by innovative stylists, international brands, and Made in Italy labels. If you’re after fashion and glamour, look no further – this is the brand of the moment!

Le Spose di GiòViale Italia, 40 – Monza

Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (14)

Since 1975, Le Spose di Giò has created pieces that reflect a natural, casual, modern and seductive look. The De Capitani sisters create instantly popular dresses that feature a linear, clear style, reflecting each and every bride’s originality and unique style. The boutique in Monza is the brand’s beating heart, a veritable creative lab that makes bridal fashion dreams come true, although you’ll also find bridalwear by Le Spose di Giò at stores nationwide.

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Wedding Dresses in Milan: the best bridal boutiques | TWC (2024)
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