The 6 Best Xbox One Games For Couples (2024)

Greetings, love is in the air today for our fellow fans of Xbox One games for couples. If you’re looking for games to play as a couple with your significant other, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’ll narrow down 6 titles that are the cream of the crop games for couples to play on the Xbox One. Buckle up, as we’ll also see how Xbox One is still a viable option for players.

Why do Gamers Still Play on Xbox One?

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Despite the rocky beginnings of the Xbox One from a fantastic Xbox 360 era, we’re still fond of the divisive console. The big reason why many gamers still own an Xbox One is that it’s much cheaper than other consoles on the market that still have support from game developers.

The main appeal of Xbox One is that it still has the backward compatibility program initiative that Microsoft launched. If you own a game digitally or the original discs that go back to the first Xbox console, you can now play it on Xbox One.

How are we Selecting the Xbox One Games for Couples to Play Together?

Okay, before getting into the list directly, we must disclose the criteria behind the curation of our selections. So, let’s do that first.

We’ll see which games qualify for our top 6 picks for Xbox One games. Here are our perimeters for picking the Xbox One games that couples can play. If even one of them is missing from a game, we won’t consider that title.

  • The games must be playable on Xbox One. Whether it’s through backward compatibility or if the game originally was on the console itself. It’s not necessary that a game is exclusive to Xbox One, but it’ll help its chances more if it is.
  • Secondly, the games must have an excellent multiplayer/co-op component. Any games with mediocre multiplayer or co-op won’t cut it.
  • Third, the game’s premise must have a captivating hook, and the gameplay itself must be polished.
  • Lastly, the games must have a uniqueness to them. The trait can range from visuals to gameplay mechanics, making them stand out from generic titles.

Which 6 Games Do We Think are the Best on Xbox One that Couples Can Play Together?

Okay, time to reach into the gaming pile and see what we have for you folks. Rest assured, all our choices for games are suitable for couples to play on the Xbox One. Let’s not waste any more time and jump in immediately. Here we go!

6. Ark: Survival Evolved

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Kicking things off for our list of Xbox One games that couples will find highly entertaining is Ark: Survival Evolved. The open-world survival game features a ton of content to keep couples occupied and engaged. Players will scavenge for resources to maintain the needs of the playable characters or venture into a thrilling hunt together.

A constant threat of death looms for players in Ark: Survival Evolved. Couples especially will find enjoyment in the game as they cooperate and form tribes, build shelter, and hunt. Couples who play the game on Xbox One will find themselves facing the fearsome and gigantic reptilian species. That’s right; the dinosaurs are the true highlight of the game.

Couples Conquer Adversity in Ark: Survival Evolved

A huge game mechanic that’s a major selling point of Ark: Survival Evolved is the ability to tame the roaming dinosaurs. That’s right; you don’t necessarily have to kill the beasts; instead, instead players can bring them to heel. Words cannot describe the feeling of commanding a dinosaur army to attack your enemies.

Ark: Survival Evolved is fantastic and contains a lot of content. For couples, it’s one of the most engrossing games on the Xbox One console. Check out our piece about 12 similar games to Ark: Survival Evolved to find other titles within the same ballpark. One favorite we’ve covered separately is whether the multiplayer of Green Hell is fun or not.

What Makes Ark: Survival Evolved One of the Best Xbox One Games that Couples Can Play Together?

The gameplay of Ark: Survival Evolved contains a lot of depth within its every facet. For couples, we will highlight the content geared toward them.

Dino Pets!

An excellent feature of Ark: Survival Evolved is its dinosaur-taming mechanic. It’s not as simple as defeating a creature, and it behaves like your pet. Couples must feed the appropriate food for bonding and wait for the timer. In a sense, taming an animal is like having your own family pet or raising a child. Something couples can easily relate to.

Tribal System

In Ark: Survival Evolved, players can create tribes. For couples, this is perfect because there is a mate assigned to every member of a tribe, and couples can stand out. Couples can engage in tribal wars with AI-controlled tribes in PvE mode or real players in PvP mode.

Tribal wars allow couples to conquer other tribes using coordinated teamwork, combined dino armies, and shared resources. Essentially, think of it as a couple’s way to survive in the age of dinosaurs.

Create The Perfect Tribal Home

Every couple needs their home, and in Ark: Survival Evolved, players can create their dream tree house. The customization options and decorating your tribal home are other wonderful addition to the game which couples can appreciate and tinker around with. With newly crafted aesthetics and paints to distinguish their residence.

Couples can add cool features like stables, structure their dream tree house, or add mobility as they build their abode atop a giant dinosaur. Not only does that look awesome, but it’s also practical for Tribal wars. For our money, we can’t think of other better survival games than Ark: Survival Evolved for couples to play on the Xbox One.

5. Minecraft

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For our list today, we’re going old school with the vanilla version of Minecraft to keep things nice and easy. There isn’t a traditional end-game or a rush to achieve any certain objective. If you’re having server issues, please consult our guide about why you can’t join your friend’s Minecraft world; it will greatly help.

The great thing about Minecraft is its exploration and themes of overcoming challenges with your teammates. The game is still fun when playing solo, but the joy of sharing the journey with a significant other in Minecraft is infinitely better.

Enjoy the Most Fun Sandbox Game on the Xbox One as a Couple With Minecraft

Minecraft is easily accessible and has one of the most active communities in the world, which is a testament to how fun and inviting it is. For the three major reasons we’re listing, we believe Minecraft is one of the most fun games couples will play on Xbox One.

Slice of Life Activities

Couples will enjoy farming crops, bringing in various species of animals to create a zoo and cross-breeding. A simple farm life or perhaps a craftsman journey can be played out where couples engage in mining rare minerals and crafting special equipment and armor pieces. If you look at the vibe of Minecraft, it’s clearly designed to be a welcoming game.

Call to Adventure

Couples can craft their own adventure stories in Minecraft and enjoy their time together. The non-linear structure and procedurally generated world map are great for couples who love exploration in games. Treasure hunting and exploring special locations like the ghost pirate ship or the game’s dungeons create memorable challenges for couples to conquer.

Customization and Decoration

The base-building elements allow a great degree of freedom to build your dream house or fortress within Minecraft. With customization, couples can also spruce up their Minecraft home with things like hanging souvenirs of their adventures. They can even show off their achievements to other players and reminisce about their playtime in-game.

4. Gears of War 4

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Heading into the mid-way of our list is a game that’s a personal favorite shooter from the Xbox first-party line-up, Gears of War 4. Couples who enjoy fast-paced shooting games with excellent co-op integration will have a blast playing the game on the Xbox One.

Gears of War 4 – The Ideal Co-op Shooter for Couples

The co-op and gameplay of Gears of War 4 have an adrenaline-pumping and pulse-pounding vibe. For couples, the game allows the story to be playable in co-op mode, which is a perfect way to enjoy the game. There are multiplayer survival modes as well if you want more variety.

Smarter Enemy A.I. and Strategic Gameplay

Enemies will flush players out of the cover positions. The game requires couples to watch each other’s back and provide backup. If an enemy group has a player surrounded, the partner can flank enemies by going to the side or shooting from the back. Strategizing creates a fun gameplay dynamic for couples to counter the relentless enemy A.I.

Weapon Variety Spices up the Co-op Gun Fights for Couples

In Gears of War 4, players must use their arsenal tactically to survive enemy encounters. Couples can unleash serious damage on enemies in satisfying gun fights by switching between regular and special weapons like the Dropshot (flaming drills) and Buzzkills (ricocheting saw blades). By pairing them, it creates a highly addictive co-op experience.

Tearing through the enemy ranks is a visual spectacle for couples to enjoy. If you like shooters with unique elements and want gaming suggestions, we recommend checking out our list of the 7 best shooting games on the Switch.

The Campaign is an Epic Scifi Story that Couples Will Enjoy

Political intrigue, organic character development, and an engrossing narrative make Gears of 4 a must-play game for couples on Xbox One. The story of the game has a cinematic feel to it with the high stakes drama and thrilling action sequences with the fate of humanity in the balance. Couples can make a movie night out of the story of Gears of War 4.

We know through the power of hindsight you won’t find better shooter games for couples than Gears of War 4 on Xbox One. The game seamlessly blends all the elements we mentioned to create a modern-day masterpiece.

3. A Way Out

The 6 Best Xbox One Games For Couples (5)

Here we are, the top 3 ranking on our list! Perhaps no better game is deserving of the number 3 spot than A Way Out. Couples will enjoy playing the game on Xbox One and have a great time with the story and plot twists. The story is about two fugitives on the run from law enforcement.

As far as the gameplay of A Way Out is concerned, couples will find a lot of delight in the split-screen view. The gameplay involves the use of stealth, so distraction by one player allows the opening for the other to move ahead. For more alike gaming suggestions, check out our piece about games with a similar vibe and split-screen function, like A Way Out.

Here’s What Makes A Way Out A Stand Out Title for Couples From Other Xbox One Games

Right, so if you still need convincing arguments to try A Way Out, we have a few other of the game’s positives to highlight.

Freedom to Goof Around Within the Game’s Story Chapters

The game has a semi-open-world structure with a surprising degree of freedom. There is a split-screen that clearly allows couples to move about at their own pace. Many side activities are beautifully integrated within A Way Out to give them an organic feel.

A couple of our particularly favorite mini-games in A Way Out include wheelchair balancing and connect four puzzle games. Couples can enhance their enjoyment of the game by challenging each other to playful side activities.

Choices and Consequences Prompt Replayability in A What-If Scenario

The high-stakes emotional beats of the story hit players hard, especially the ending twist, which prompts immediate replays of the story. Players can easily swap out the roles of the characters to see a kind of what-if scenario. If couples enjoy the first playthrough of A Way Out, the second one will be even more heart-wrenching.

The ending deviates greatly depending on the final choice, and others slightly alter the fates of the side characters. Despite the game now 5 years old, there are no other games that’s exactly like A Way Out, for couples to play on the Xbox One.

2. Streets of Rage 4 – The Runner-Up and One of the Most Amazing Games On Xbox One for Couples

The 6 Best Xbox One Games For Couples (6)

The fan-favorite side-scroller brawler series with funky beats and vibrantly flashy art style makes a grand return. The game is a true test of button-mashing skills, like the arcade games from back in the day.

Streets of Rage 4 – Button Mashing Nostalgia Fun for Couples

For players who weren’t around the 90s, don’t worry; we’ll catch you up to speed about Streets of Rage 4. The heroes from the original trilogy return to kicking butt, alongside new-generation heroes. The timing of the button presses matters significantly; sometimes, players must intentionally delay the input to activate a powerful blitz attack.

The visual upgrade from the pixelated graphics is a huge step forward, and the gameplay feels incredibly smooth. The fluid motion of the characters in Streets of Rage 4 will make couples feel like they’re watching an animated series instead of playing games on Xbox One. Every move and attack feels punchy like there’s a powerful effect behind it.

Why We Picked Streets of Rage 4 as the Runner-up Game for our List?

Streets of Rage 4 has that quality that hooks players into its simplistic and wholly satisfying gameplay. As soon as the themes kick in, the mood sets up for players to deliver a beatdown and engage in cathartic gameplay.

The Casual Gameplay Style Makes it Easy to Jump into for Couples

Nothing like taking a load off by pounding thugs and then making them fly off-screen in Streets of Rage 4. The combat is simple and feels amazing. Couples can bond over the game’s competitive aspect, where the one with the most points wins.

Tough and Challenging Boss Fights Push Couples to Work Together

The bosses in Streets of Rage 4 are extremely tough and will require excellent teamwork to beat. Each time players land a hit on an enemy and their face turns squeamish, it makes players feel powerful. Plus, the ability to juggle and trap enemies in a loop to build up special moves and score is a nice touch.

90s Style Cringe Make for Hilarious Moments for Couples to Bond Over

In Streets of Rage 4, players also get to experience a story with 90s cheese and corny dialogue. The original characters specifically are dressed in the Street Fighter Ryu and Ken style attires. Using items to hurl at enemies has hilarious sound effects that are snicker worthy.

Laughter at the edgy dialogue is a certainity, and it’s a case of it’s so bad that it’s good with Streets of Rage 4. Couples will especially enjoy playing nostaligic games like Streets of Rage 4 on their Xbox One.

1. Sunset Overdrive – The Best and One of the Most Enjoyable Games on Xbox One for Couples to Play

The 6 Best Xbox One Games For Couples (7)

This is it! We’re at the number 1 spot on our list. For this prestigious position, only one game can be deserving of the spot. In our view, Sunset Overdrive is worthy of the crown for our list of the best games couples can play on Xbox One.

You see, Sunset Overdrive is like a hamster on steroids. We’re not kidding; the traversal, presentation, story, and even combat all feel like you’re on an acid trip.

Sunset Overdrive: Nonsensical Fun that Couples Will Love

Sunset Overdrive is an action-adventure game with third-person shooting and combat mechanics. The story is laugh-out-loud-worthy with a juicy bit of intrigue to keep players interested in the plot’s resolution about the evil cola company. The game is fast-paced, and its multiplayer is perfect for couples to enjoy their time playing on the Xbox One.

How is Sunset Overdrive Our Number 1 Pick for Our List

Sunset Overdrive has an amazing and timeless appeal. Given that the game is the creation of Insomniac, we shouldn’t be surprised. Their game releases are synonymous with quality. Evidence is their work on the stellar Spiderman game. You can check out our ranking of all PS3 Spiderman games to see how we rate them.

Embracing the Silliness

Sunset Overdrive is a game with a lively personality and unmatched charm. The visual presentation is full of loud and meta-humor, which is hilarious. The story is absurd, with a cola drink transforming the population into mutants that players must fight off. The multiplayer mode carries on this brand of silliness.

Couples will find themselves tinkering around within the character creation menu to create the most ridiculous appearance and outfit combo imaginable. Couples will enjoy making jokes at each other’s expense and having a great time.

Low Gravity Parkor Style Traversal With Chaotic Multiplayer

Players will wall-run, rail-grind, swing from pillar to post, and shoot mutants with outlandish weapons. Combining all these movement possibilities with the constantly frantic multiplayer elements gives you a recipe for the best game couples can play on the Xbox One.

There are tower defences challenges and enemy horde-rush in co-op modes where players must keep moving to not only survive but rack up kills and style points by switching up weapons. A favorite is the Acidic sprinkler. Couples can safely sit back and enjoy the carnage together as the Acidic Sprinkler hovers over enemies melting them.

The crazy action sequences, humor, the way the story unfolds, and the enjoyable attack combos all make Sunset Overdrive is one of our favorite games on Xbox One that couples will also enjoy.

Final Thoughts About the Best Xbox One Games for Couples

Well, that concludes our list of Xbox One games that we find best suitable for couples. In our experience, the games we’ve picked are easy to pick up and play for a good time together. We’re glad to have the chance to put the spotlight on some games that are criminally underrated. We highly recommend checking them all out.

We’re open to civil discourse and constructive criticism, so give us your honest feedback, as we welcome it. For more gaming recommendations within the Xbox family, we suggest checking out our other list, where we have a ranking for all Xbox 360 zombie games. Until next time, take care, everyone, and happy gaming!

The 6 Best Xbox One Games For Couples (2024)
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