Territory Wall Designs (2024)

Types of Common Defensive Walls

Pillar Wall-Typically just a wall made of tightly packed pillars around an area. Variations include pillars packed so close a player can't walk through them, and pillars loosely spaced, designed to inconvenience large dinosaurs by forcing tribes to destroy the pillars to get through. Disadvantages include being expensive to make them tall enough to keep gigas out, not very intimidating, and expensive to pack them together to form an actual wall. Advantages include being able to put turrets on ceilings on top of the pillars, and being able to be placed on uneven terrain without annoying repercussions.

Gate Wall-Probably the most common wall design. Pretty cheap, literally a wall made out of gates. Variations include Dino gates, behemoth gates, and stacking the gates to create huge, expensive, walls so that flyers can't pass through. Weaknesses include lacking a good spot for turrets, being able to easily escape turrets placed on top of the gate, and holes under the gates created by uneven terrain that can be difficult to plug. Advantages are that it's easy to build, looks menacing, and cheap In comparison to other walls.

Foundation and wall, wall-A wall made from foundations being placed around a perimeter with walls attached. The only variation between designs is the height, shape, where the gates are placed, and extra stuff like windows. Disadvantages include being incredibly expensive, needing to be 4 walls tall to keep gigas out, it's also an unholy pain in the butt placing these foundations in straight lines on uneven terrain. Advantages include being heavily defensive, with the ability for placing windows, and a ridiculous defensive potential for attaching catwalks on all walls and putting turrets on the catwalks.

Fence foundation wall-A wall made from attaching walls onto fence foundations. These are incredibly weak, hard to place, and somewhat expensive with hardly any kind of real defensive potential. I would NEVER advise you to build one on a pvp server.

Spike wall, wall-Really cheap, really primitive, a perimeter of spike walls. Not very effective but good as a temporary wall to keep stuff out. Best when mixed with other types of walls.

Recommended Designs

Triangular pillar wall-A pillar wall writhing with plant x on the tops of the pillars and on the ground by the pillars. Very good for killing dinosaurs and slowing enemies down. Remember to have auto turrets in range to shoot down any rockets or grenades, too!

Spike-Pillar Wall-My Favorite design for uneven terrain. You snap pillars together using ceilings to create a square perimeter, and this snapping also creates ceilings where you can place your plant x or turrets. At the bottom of the pillars, you place spikes on one side of the pillars, and spikes on the other side as well. Make the pillar 4 tall to keep out gigas, expensive, but defensive, and good with multiple layers of these walls. Enables you to bottleneck the intruders by having them blow one hole in the wall which they will funnel through.

Foundation wall, wall-INCREDIBLY expensive, but INCREDIBLY defensive. If you find a big flat area and you manage to enclose it in foundations, you can build a really expensive wall by putting up 4 tall walls on both sides of the foundations, roofing off the wall, attaching Windows, lining the bottom and the top with plant x, and having catwalks with turrets jutting out of the wall. One of THE most defensive designs I can come up with.

Stacked Gate Wall-essentially just gates stacked on to each other to create a thick, powerful, wall. Great if you have a turret battery behind it towards your base. Really good at slowing down raiders and wasting their explosives.

Foundation+walls+spikes- even more incredibly expensive, a wall of foundations with walls on them with two layers of spikes facing outwards and turrets on the top and sticking out on catwalks. Incredibly defensive against land attacks.

General Tips and Tricks

Having multiple types of walls together is so much better than having just 1 type of wall. Combining multiple types of walls to create multiple layers of defense is essential to a powerful long-term base.

Wasting enemy explosives is key in defending against an invasion. No tribe has truly unlimited explosives, always make them use as many explosives as possible. Don't name vaults or else they will prioritize the vault with the best stuff in it, always keep extra weapons, armor, and ammo ready, backup fliers, etc.

For pve walls, it's a good idea to place spike walls lengthwise, so that they are thicker and more condensed, helping to keep out dinosaurs. When dinosaurs are on wander and your walls are not rendered, the walls technically aren't there anymore, so dinosaurs walk right through where the wall would be, just something else to keep in mind.

Having a big and complex to raid base will make you less of a target because your base looks scary, it would cost a lot to raid, and it's a headache to look at.

Hope you liked the post, if you would like me to add information or a design, I can. Please do suggest better designs!

Territory Wall Designs (2024)
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