Can I Buy More Than One Travel Insurance Policy for the Same Trip? (2024)

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Heading into a trip, you can never be too cautious. Getting travel insurance coverage is the best way to protect against unforeseen events impacting your trip and limit out-of-pocket costs. While most of the time one comprehensive plan is enough, there are times when more than one policy makes sense.

Am I Allowed More Than One Travel Insurance Policy For A Trip?

Yes, it is possible, and sometimes smart, to purchase multiple travel insurance policies for the same trip. If you find that an existing policy you have does not offer enough coverage for your upcoming vacation, you may purchase additional coverage for greater peace of mind.

This can happen both accidentally, when a traveler unknowingly purchases an additional policy, or intentionally, when a traveler feels the amount of coverage offered in an existing policy is not suffice.

If you’re considering purchasing a second travel insurance plan for your trip, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind.

Policies Must be From Different Providers

If the benefits available in one policy do not satisfy your needs, you can purchase an additional policy for further travel protection. However, the policies must be from different travel insurance providers. If you want improved coverage from your current provider, you can likely contact them directly to make adjustments to your coverage before you depart for your trip.

Claims May Only Be Paid Out Once

The most important thing to remember when purchasing multiple policies is that travelers can’t “double dip.” In other words, purchasing multiple policies for the same trip doesn’t mean travelers can receive multiple payouts for the same insurance claim.

Why Would You Travel With Dual Insurance Policies?

There are a host of reasons why you may travel with more than one trip protection plans. We dive into the two most common examples of why you may end up with multiple policies for your trip.

To Get More Coverage For Your Trip

A common reason why you may purchase additional coverage for your trip is because your existing policy doesn’t offer adequate protection. If this happens, you have three options; try and get a refund from your insurance provider, take your trip with below-average coverage, or purchase a separate policy that compliments your existing plan.

This scenario typically occurs when you purchase an insurance plan through a travel supplier, such as a cruise line, airline, or tour operator. While policies sold through these suppliers are often legitimate, they often offer low coverage limits at high premiums.

If you feel the need to purchase an additional travel insurance policy for your trip, make sure to consider the following:

  • Benefits: Make sure that the policy you are considering fills in the coverage gaps found in your existing plan. By the time you travel, your coverage should include benefits such as Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, and Travel Delay.
  • Coverage Limits: The best travel insurance plans will offer high coverage for common travel disruptions. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure you have at least $50,000 in Emergency Medical coverage, and $100,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage.
  • Premiums: We only recommend doubling up in insurance if it fits your budget. Limit how much you spend on a second policy by only focusing on the coverage your existing plan doesn’t provide.

Purchasing Multiple Plans By Accident

Mistakes can happen when planning a trip, from booking flights for the wrong dates to booking a hotel in Paris, TX instead of Paris, France. Luckily, traveling with too much insurance won’t make or break your trip.

Below are a few scenarios that may arise that could lead to dual travel insurance:

  • Forgetting You Already Have Coverage: A lot of times, travelers purchase their insurance months in advance. There’s always a chance that your purchase slips your mind, and you end up buying a new policy without realizing you have existing coverage.
  • Covered Under Someone Else’s Plan: A single-trip plans can cover up to 10 travelers. Be sure to communicate with your travel party when buying insurance to make sure you don’t duplicate coverage for your group.
  • Already Covered by Annual Travel Insurance: An annual travel insurance plan is a type of policy that covers individuals for an entire year starting from their purchase date. It’s possible for that plan to fall to the back of your mind, and purchase an additional plan by accident.
  • Have Existing Coverage Through a Credit Card: Many travel credit cards now have strong insurance benefits. If you have a card, see what benefits it can provide as it may offer enough protection for your trip.

If you end up purchasing a plan you don’t need, there’s a chance you can “return” the policy and get a full refund. Every travel insurance plan listed on Squaremouth has a Money Back Guarantee period. During this time frame, typically 10-14 days, you can cancel your policy and get 100% of your premium back.

Can I Buy More Than One Travel Insurance Policy for the Same Trip? (2024)
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