9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (2024)

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A website is a key tool for any small business. It doesn’t just help you establish your online presence, it also functions as an online business card, information source, portfolio, and sales tool. A great small business website focuses on what your potential customers or clients care about most—the value you can offer them, and how—all packed into an easy-to-navigate layout.

Use these 9 website examples for freelancers, food businesses, online shops, and more to inspire your website design and convert your visitors.

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1. Ventura

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (1)

This example website for a ceramics business does a great job of making what may be a one-person business look polished and professional. The minimal design and high-quality product photos give the products a premium feel.

It’s easy to navigate the products available from the homepage—visitors can choose between a featured item, the core collection, or sets.

Get inspired by the Ventura template

2. Adri

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (2)

When it comes to building a website for consulting or one-on-one projects, your goal should be to quickly communicate what you offer and what it’s like to work with you. Client relationships are personal—your clients need to trust you with something they care deeply about.

This site for a website designer does a great job of summarizing her services and her approach to projects and clients. Testimonials and examples from previous clients add weight to her expertise, and she makes it easy to book or get questions answered.

Get inspired by the Bree template

3. Hales

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (3)

This floral business website design starts strong with its mission-oriented tagline: “Fresh flowers for any budget” before going on to share more about how they source their flowers. Before a potential customer begins to browse, the website copy has started to form a connection with them.

The rest of the website makes it easy to navigate for browsers. They can choose from best-selling bouquets, shop for a specific occasion, book for an occasion, or see more of the businesses’ floral design work. The design puts the flower arrangements at the focus, with complementary colors that help the photos stand out.

Get inspired by the Hales template

4. Clune

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (4)

Here’s another website example that uses minimal design and copy to give the business a professional, boutique feel. This website for a spa is also a good example of how your website can complement your brick-and-mortar presence.

Where a physical location might only be on the radar for locals and social media is best for marketing a business, a website can both widen your reach and convert potential clients. The website copy sells visitors on the benefits of this spa: “Pamper your skin with products that are safe enough to eat.” And description of services and built-in appointment booking make it easy for someone to find what they want and get scheduled.

Get inspired by the Clune template

5. Laurie

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (5)

This website layout is ideal for a project-based solo entrepreneur. The design puts the business name—and a photo of happy clients—front and center and immediately jumps into the emotional benefit of the service to her clients. “Life can be unpredictable. Planning your wedding shouldn’t be.”

You immediately understand what this business can do for you. Then you have the option to either take a closer look at the service offerings or build more confidence in their expertise by reading about the owner’s experience and former clients. Together, every piece of the page builds a story of expertise that potential clients can trust.

Get inspired by the Laurie template

6. Juniper

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (6)

For a food business, your website should be designed to give visitors a taste of what it’s like to eat your food or visit your restaurant. This example restaurant website does this simply by highlighting a photo of one of their dishes at their restaurant.

From there, someone can plan their visit by browsing your menus or making a reservation with a built-in booking system. If you offer pick-up or delivery or sell other products, you can easily add separate pages to handle those orders too.

Get inspired by the Juniper template

7. Emmeline

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (7)

This hair salon example packs all of the most important information into just a few pages. The homepage gives a clear overview of the salon’s approach to hair styling and the services the salon offers. Depending on which details are most important to a potential client, they can click through to learn more about the stylists or service pricing.

The services page is designed like a menu, so it’s easy to browse your options. A callout to book your appointment lives in the navigation bar, so you can start scheduling from any page on the site. The website footer design does a good job of helping visitors navigate the site and stay connected. From there you can visit extra pages, like a gift card purchase option, or find the salon’s social media accounts.

Get inspired by the Emmeline template

8. Reseda

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (8)

This is another great website example for a freelancer or solo entrepreneur. The Reseda site example functions as part portfolio, part business website. The homepage functions like a portfolio gallery, showing the different styles and types of photography this creative shoots.

The rest of the website covers the important parts of the business: information about the owner’s experience, a list of photography services and packages, and an embedded booking tool to schedule photo services.

Get inspired by the Reseda template

9. Salt + Less

9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (9)

With a beauty-based product, it can be easier to start your business online, but you may have to work harder to sell your product to potential customers. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store or a brand that wholesales to a beauty store, potential customers can’t try the product or ask someone about it in person.

A small business like this one selling soaps, lotions, and supplements needs to build its website around a few goals. It needs to communicate its branding, prove its quality and trustworthiness, and sell the value and benefits of its product, all through design and copy. This site does this by highlighting learning and research, as well as listing ingredients on each product description page.

Get inspired by the Salt + Less template

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9 Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You – Squarespace (2024)
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